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Eugene M. Brady & Naomi S. Brady Memorial Scholarship

Eugene Brady was the teacher and principal of the Rolfe school from 1927 to 1940 and his wife Naomi taught in the West End school from 1944 until retirement with a brief period at the Wilcox Junior High School.

Eugene and Naomi's children established the Eugene M. Brady and Naomi S. Brady Memorial Scholarship in their parents’ memory.

Amount: Multiple awards totaling approximately $10,000

Eligibility: Johnsonburg Area High School and adult learners

Category: General

  • Graduating seniors from Johnsonburg Area High School and adult learners that reside in the Johnsonburg school district
  • Exemplifies qualities of academic achievement, wholesome character and attitude, and financial need
  • Adult learners must be current students who have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA

Gilbert Gibby Buerk Memorial Scholarship

Gilbert J. “Gibby” Buerk was a graduate of SMAHS and was employed by St. Marys Ambulance. He was an EMT and had recently earned his certification as a paramedic. Gibby was a hard worker and an old soul at heart. His hand was always extended in a bid of friendship and helpfulness. His legacy will long live on in the many friends he had, and the kindness he showed to so many throughout his life.

Amount: To be determined

Eligibility: Elk and surrounding area High School seniors and non-traditional students in Elk County and surrounding area. 

Category: EMT or Paramedic or other related field

  • Active in community and school
  • Demonstrate financial need

Michele Campbell Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Michele Campbell was a hard working and dedicated nursing student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. As the number one student in her class, Michele was dedicated to helping others and learning to be the best nurse she could be.

Amount:Approximately $1,700, determined annually

Eligibility: 2nd year or higher post-secondary student. Graduate of Elk County Catholic, Johnsonburg, Ridgway, or St. Marys Area High Schools

Category: Nursing

  • Must be a graduate of ECCHS, JAHS, RAHS, SMAHS
  • Must be enrolled as a second year student or higher in accredited nursing program
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA

Evelyn Kosko Chase Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Kosco Chase had a zest for life and she had an amazing gift of creativity. Evelyn won everyone’s heart through her cooking and there was always a pot of soup on the stove or a casserole in the oven. She had an open door policy and anyone was welcome to stay for any meal at any time. Flowers were also her passion and she was a partner in opening of the Lyn Clare Flower Shop with Clare Geitner in 1949. She published a cookbook and was known for her paper flowers and ground pine wreaths. Besides raising her 4 children with her husband Milton, she was an active member of the community and an ardent supporter of the Elk County Catholic School, sports and activities. Evelyn was also a founding member of the Red Hat Society in St. Marys.

 Evelyn remained active up until her passing at the young age of 103 and from early on. Evelyn’s calling was to help others and this fund was created to give others the opportunity for a higher education that she was never able to attain.

Amount: $500

Eligibility: Elk County Residents. 2 to 4-year post-secondary degree for a non-traditional adult learner.

Category: General

  • Non-traditional adult learner
  • Pursuing a 2 or 4-year post-secondary degree
  • Active in his/her community
  • Demonstrate financial need

David L. Delullo Memorial Scholarship

David Delullo, Sr. was born in Force, PA. He and his wife raised nine children in St. Marys. He was self-employed in a number of different businesses. David was involved in various fund raising and charitable events that benefited children and families. This scholarship was established as a way to continue his generosity, dedication and commitment to helping those in need.

Amount: Approximately $1,000, determined annually

Eligibility: Elk County Residents. Graduating seniors and non-traditional students

Category: General

  • Open to high school seniors and non-traditional students
  • Must be a resident of Elk County
  • Pursuing higher education
  • Demonstrate financial need

T.O. Fitch Memorial Scholarship

T.O. Fitch’s life was cut short by COVID complications in 2021, but not before he made a lasting impact on Ridgway where he lived and worked. His key traits were sheer grit, a charitable heart that pushed community development efforts, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Although he no longer is able to inspire others to demonstrate these traits, it is the hope of his family that this scholarship will reward a student that exhibits similar traits and that they can create a comparable legacy of their own. 

Amount: $500

Eligibility: High School seniors and non-traditional students residing in Elk County.

Category: General

  • Non-traditional adult learner with a permanent residence in Elk County
  • Graduating senior from any Elk County high school
  • Pursuing a 2 or 4-year post-secondary degree or certificate program
  • Have a minimum of a C average in high school

Hasselman/Hopton Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established in honor of all members of the Hasselman, Hopton, and Sherry Families but specifically Roger Hasselman and Mary (Sherry) Hopton. Roger M. Hasselman is the former owner of Alpha Sintered Metals, Inc. (ASM), Ridgway, PA. As a Pennsylvania State University mechanical engineering graduate, Mr. Hasselman was well qualified to grow ASM for over 3 decades manufacturing powder metal components. Mary C. Hopton had owned DuBois Optical Company, DuBois, PA. Mrs. Hopton was a pioneer of a women owned business throughout the 20th century. Her continued business education allowed her to continue and grow the eye glass business in DuBois long after her husband’s death.

Amount: Approximately $1,050, determined annually

Eligibility: Ridgway, St. Marys and Elk County Catholic High Schools or Non-traditional students

Category: General

  • Graduating seniors or non-traditional students residing in the Ridgway and St. Marys school districts
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen and enrolled in a college, university, community college, or vocational school in Pennsylvania
  • Must be pursuing either an associates or baccalaureate degree
  • Show an interest in being an entrepreneur

Seth T. Hockman Memorial Scholarship

Seth Hockman graduated from the St. Marys Area High School, Class of 2011. Seth enjoyed fishing, riding dirt bikes, four-wheelers and spending time outdoors. His family and friends established this scholarship to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Amount: Approximately $800, determined annully

Eligibility: Elk County Residents. Graduating seniors and non-traditional students.

Category: Vocational or Trade School  

  • Must be a graduating senior or nontraditional student residing in Elk County
  • Plan on attending a post-secondary  a trade or vocational school
  • Must carry at least a “C” average or above while in high school

Leroy C. Krise Memorial Scholarship

Leroy C. Krise, a resident of Ridgway, was involved in numerous businesses. He had a passion and great knowledge of the powdered metal industries in the Elk County area. Leroy was a very kind and generous man and was always helping someone in need. This scholarship has been established in his memory for Elk County residents.

Amount: Approximately $1,000, determined annually

Eligibility: Elk County Residents. Graduating seniors and non-traditional students


  • Open to high school seniors and non-traditional students
  • Must be a resident of Elk County
  • Pursuing higher education including technical schools
  • Demonstrate financial need

Dr. Sandra Calkins Kowalski Nursing

Sandra Calkins Kowalski, known as Sandy, graduated at the top of her class from Johnsonburg High School. She and her husband Stan were high school sweethearts. She received her RN in 1960 from the University of Buffalo and dedicated her career to community health. She also went on to become a faculty member at Purdue University North Central, and Valparaiso University where she was teaching future nurses and involving students in the community nursing experience. While still in her 50’s, Sandy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It stole her energetic personality, her determination and her contact with the outside world, but it never took away her accomplishments in the nursing field. For this reason, her husband established this scholarship to offer opportunities for future generations to walk in Sandy’s footsteps.

Amount: Approximately $1,000, determined annually

Eligibility: Johnsonburg Area High School & Non-Traditional Nursing Students from Johnsonburg

Category: Nursing

  • Open to graduating seniors from Johnsonburg Area High School
  • First preference given to JAHS students pursuing a degree in nursing
  • Non-traditional students pursuing nursing field with emphasis on community nursing or public health

Ella McElhany & Maude B. Schimmelfeng

This scholarship began as a loan program to provide financial assistance to college students who were residents of Ridgway, PA in the 1980’s. In 2016, it was transferred to the Elk County Community Foundation as a scholarship program for the residents of Ridgway that attend RAHS or ECCHS. To be eligible for this scholarship a student must be a resident of Ridgway and pursuing a post-secondary education.

Amount: Minimum of $1,000 each, determined annually

Eligibility: Ridgway Area High School, Elk County Catholic High School, Non-Traditional Students

Category: General

  • Must be resident of Ridgway attending RAHS or ECCHS, or a non-traditional student
  • Student is pursuing a post-secondary education
  • Financial need is considered
  • Students are welcome to apply in future years, after high school graduation

Catherine M. Moran Memorial Scholarship

Catherine Moran had hopes of helping a young adult in her community achieve their dreams. Before she passed away she created the Catherine M. Moran Memorial Scholarship to be awarded to a graduating senior from the Johnsonburg Area School District.

Amount: Multiple awards totaling approximately $16,000

Eligibility: Johnsonburg Area High School and adult learners

Category: General

  • Graduating senior from Johnsonburg Area High School and adult learners that reside in the Johnsonburg school district
  • Demonstrates characteristics of wholesome character and attitude
  • Adult learners must be current students who have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA

Ruth E. Reed Nursing Scholarship

Ruth Reed had the opportunity during World War II to attend nursing school through the Cadet Nursing Corps; she went to Temple University in Philadelphia and received her RN in 1947. She worked as a ward supervisor at Temple University Hospital until moving to Ridgway after her marriage to pharmacist C. William Reed. She worked at Elk County General Hospital from 1955 until retiring in 1993, serving in various departments including the Psychiatric Department. She expanded her skills through conferences and through continuing education and encouraged others to continue their education. It is for this reason that her husband and children wanted to honor her with this scholarship in her name.

Amount: Approximately $500, determined annually

Eligibility: Elk, Warren and Clearfield Counties and Non-traditional students

Category: Nursing

  • Must be a student from Elk, Warren or Clearfield Co
  • Be accepted into a post-secondary education pursuing a RN or BSN degree
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • May be graduating senior, recent graduate, or adult learner

Greiner/Roof Law Scholarship

The Greiner/Roof Memorial Law Scholarship was created in memory of the Honorable Paul B. Greiner and the Honorable Vernon D. Roof, past President Judges of the 59th Judicial District of Pennsylvania. Judge Greiner served as President Judge from 1964 until 1986, after which he served as a senior judge until his death at age 83 in 1999. Judge Roof’s tenure on the bench was much shorter, as he served as President Judge from 1996 until 2002, when he died at age 51. Both Judge Greiner and Judge Roof were respected and renowned as fair and impartial jurists not only in Elk and Cameron.

Amount: Approximately $500, determined annually

Eligibility: Graduate Level from Elk & Cameron Counties

Category: Law

  • Applicant must be accepted or in attendance at an accredited law school
  • Must be permanent resident in Elk or Cameron Counties, or be a graduate of one of the high schools located in these counties
  • Award based on academic standing and achievement, participation in extracurricular activities, and general life experience

Joseph A. Williams Medical Scholarship

The investment made by the donor who established the Joseph A. Williams Memorial Medical Scholarship Fund has had long-lasting effects for our communities. The fund has helped many students pursuing medical degrees reach their goals.

Amount: Approximately $4,475, determined annually

Eligibility: St. Marys Area High School or Elk County Catholic High School Graduate attending Medical School

Category: Medical School

  • Graduate of SMAHS or ECCHS who has been accepted into or is currently attending an accredited medical school
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA