St. Marys Home Town Festival Inc. makes Donation

The St. Marys Home Town Festival Inc. made a donation the Elk County Community Foundation (ECCF). The donation will be added to the “Fund of the Future” which is one of 60 funds held at the Foundation. The “Fund of the Future” distributes grants that address a broad range of current and future needs. Elk County Community Foundation evaluates all aspects of community well-being—arts and culture, community development, education, environment, health and human services—and awards strategic grants to selected projects and programs annual. The next scheduled grant cycle will be in August of 2009. Application will be due by July 15, and can be found the Foundations website

Vern Kreckle III, the final President of the St. Marys Hometown Festival Inc. said that after 19 years almost to the day, making this donation to the Foundation was final transaction for the group. Gifts like this made to the Elk County Community Foundation are very special. They allow individual and organizations to make a lasting, positive impact on our community. Since funds held at the Foundation are funds that will be invested in their community and the people that live there, the group had decided this best reflected what they tried to do for the community over the years.