Foundation Moves to New Location

ST. MARYS – Two area organizations that have provided support to Elk County communities over
the years held a ribbon-cutting Thursday afternoon to celebrate their new
shared space in the Franklin Center in downtown St. Marys.

The Elk County Community Foundation (ECCF) and St. Marys Area Economic
Development Corp. (EDC) will now make their headquarters inside the center.

ECCF is a nonprofit organization which manages endowed funds established by
donors and then awards that funding locally to individuals, nonprofit
organizations and others.

The Elk County Community Foundation also took this
opportunity to present 10 grants recently approved by the Foundation
Board.  These grants are funded by the
Elk County Economic and Community Development fund and the general unrestricted
granting dollars Fund.  This year they
had a total of $32,000 to grant from these funds with request of over
$82,000.  We had 17 agency request money
and we were able to grant to 13.  A few
if these grants were given in the spring but they presented $26,000 at the open
house to the following organiztions:

  • City of St.
     is receiving a grant for $3,500 to assist with the
    St. Mary’s Heritage Preservation Group who plans to enhance the downtown area.
  • ECCHS Band
     is receiving $500 to expand their 4th  Musical Instrument program to St. Bonifac and
    St. Leo’s that proved to be very successful in the St. Marys Catholic
    Elementary School.
  • Elk County Catholic School
     is receiving a check for $1000 to support their ne IPad
    initiative they launched this school year.
  • Elk
    Regional Health Center
     is receiving a check for $4000 towards their
    renovation and expansion project.
  • Dickinson
    Center Inc.
      will be receiving
    a $4000 for the Elkwood Arts Division to purchase a spark detection system that
    will help them comply with the current OSHA standards as well as provide safest
    setting possible for their consumers and staff.
  • The
    Johsnonburg Borough
     will receive $3000 towards the resurfacing of
    their downtown playground that needs to comply with ADA and accessible
  • Mt. Zion
    Historical Society
     is receiving a grant for $1000 to support the installation
    and dedication of the Civil War Memorial.
  • Elk County
    Community Recycling Center
     is receiving a check for $3000 to  install a heating system into the expansion
    area needed accommodate their growing needs.
  • Community
    Nurses Incorporated
     is receiving a grant for $2,000 that will
    purchase GPRS units that will assist their telahealth program.
  • St. Marys
     is receiving a check for $4000 to assist with their revolving
    loan program that helps recreate jobs and business for local industry