Elk County Community Foundation Prepares for Granting Cycle

The Elk County Community Foundation announces their annual granting cycle applications are now available to area nonprofit organizations. The ECCF welcomes applications for funding as part of its mission to promote the betterment of Elk County and to enhance the quality of the life for all residents.

Funds will be award for such community development initiatives that will enhance the economic and community well being of Elk County. Distribution from the grants can be used to meet special project or program needs of organizations serving the people of Elk County. The Foundation encourages organizations that will serve a particular need of the community and will make a lasting impact on the overall community to apply. The Foundation seeks to fund projects or activities that will serve the needs of many in the community rather than the needs of a few individuals. Projects should include activities that are innovative and have a plan to be sustained themselves. In addition, grants are made to support programs serving all persons regardless of race, religion or creed and are made only to tax-exempt, charitable organizations.

Organizations that feel they meet the above criteria of the economic and community development are invited to submit their application to the foundation. Applications will be accepted through July 15, 2009 and are available by calling the ECCF’s office at 834-2125 or via their website at www.elkcountyfoundation.com.

Grants will be reviewed and approved by the end of August. The funds come from the foundation’s endowed community development fund and the Fund of the Future general endowment.

In 2008, over $40,000 was awarded to several organizations which include:

  • The St. Marys Economic Development Corporation for their Revolving Loan Program
  • Johnsonburg Area School District
  • Ridgway Area School District
  • ECCOTA Summer Concert Series
  • Dickinson Mental Health Center
  • Johnsonburg Community Trust
  • City of Saint Marys Kaulmont Park Project
  • Fox Township Hospital Equipment

ProgramCommunity Nurses Charity CareECCF is a non profit organization that manages endowed funds established by donors for area non profit organizations. Donor gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.