A Scholarship Just for Hunters!

A Scholarship Just for Hunters!

The Elk County Community Foundation(ECCF) is very pleased to announce that the Wapiti Roost Local Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has decided to partner with the Community Foundation to administer their local Scholarship. The NWTF will be offering a post-secondary academic scholarship of $500 to a student in Elk County. Scholarship applications are now available through all Elk County High School Guidance’s offices. Student who are avid hunters and are dedicated to preserving the hunting tradition would be an ideal candidate for this scholarship.

The National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship is part of a nationwide program that has provided over $4,000,000 in scholarships since its inception. The recipient of the local scholarship will be eligible to compete for a $1000 scholarship funded by the Pennsylvania State Chapter of the NWTF. In turn, the State Chapter scholarship winner will be eligible to compete for a $10,000 national scholarship. Because of the progression of the state and national program, the deadline for this scholarship is different than other scholarship administered by the Foundation. To ensure there is enough time to submit to the state, scholarship application will need to be received to high school guidance’s offices shortly after the Christmas/Holiday break.

In addition to the $500 from the local scholarship the winner of this scholarship, like all others administered by the Community Foundation, may receive matching dollars from PHEAA through the PATH (Partners for Access To Higher Education) program. As one of only 37 approved organizations that are PATH partners, the Elk County Community Foundation will submit each student who receives one of the scholarships that they administer to PHEAA for additional matching funding. To be eligible, the student must be enrolled in an approved Pennsylvania College or career school and be PHEAA approved. Last year, students that received ECCF scholarships received over $63,000 in additional awards. This is one of the reasons that many donors come to the Foundation to establish their scholarships. This program can potentially double their scholarship award through the PATH program.

The Community Foundation assists donors who have an interest in starting a scholarship fund, whether as a general purpose or in the memory of a deceased family member or friend. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the foundation for further information on the matter or check out the information on their website at www.elkcountyfoundation.com.

Pictured from left is Bill Olson from the Wapiti Wood Chapter of the NWTF and Kris Kronenwetter, Scholarship Manager at the ECCF