2010 Scholarships Awards

The Elk County Community Foundation awarded a total of 85 scholarships to local students this year totaling $69,835.00 in scholarship funds. Graduating seniors from Elk County Catholic, St. Marys Area, Johnsonburg Area, Ridgway Area, Brockway Area, Dubois Area, and Kane Area were the recipients of these scholarships. Fourteen scholarships went Elk County Catholic, twenty-four to St. Marys Area, eleven to Johnsonburg Area, fifteen to Ridgway Area, two to Kane Area High School, three to Dubois Area and three to Brockway Area. Also, five additional scholarships were awarded to students who were already in attendance at a post secondary institution.

The dollars given to these students will impact generations to come as these young adults shape our communities. Donors who have established these scholarships are contributing to our future leaders. The Elk County Community Foundation Board extends their gratitude to those who have seen the need and believe in the youth of today. Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship can contact the Foundation at 814-834-2125. For a list of students who received awards click here.