Women Who Care Membership Drive

The Women Who Care Steering Committee is announcing our Holiday, Donor Advisor for a Day “membership drive” for the 2012 Granting Cycle.

This year we have an additional $400 in granting money available. The Steering Committee is offering an incentive for new and renewing members. All paid members by Dec. 20th for the 2012 year will be entered into a drawing to be a “Donor Advisor for a Day” . The Winners will be able to give their favorite (501 c 3)charity a special Holiday donation. One new member and onerenewing member will have the opportunity to be a:

“Donor Advisor for a Day” !!

Women Who Care began a philanthropic membership circle that provides a vehicle for non-profitvorganizations to apply for funds to strengthen the quality of life for families in our local community. The organization is a project of the Elk County Community Foundation who provides administrative support for the group. Women Who Care is a giving circle in which pooled funds supply the initial investment forprojects that are selected in Elk County. This past year WWC was 105 members strong.

Annually the WWC the Grants Committee ofthe organization review all grants applications and this year presented seven projects to
the membership that met the criteria and reflected the mission of the organization. After a 5 minute presentation from each of the applicants the membership, then voted for the project that they felt was important to them and the community. Members who were not able to attend were provided an absentee ballot.

The organizations that received funding where: Catholic Charites for their Real Alternatives program; Dickinson Center and St.
Marys Area School district for their Kindergarten readiness program, Guardian Angels will host pilot Diaper program, Salvation Army will
fund their energy assistants program; and Community Nurses will be able to extend their Flutterbye youth bereavment program another day.