Straub Brewery awards scholarships to local students

Straub Brewery Supports Local Students With Scholarships

The Elk County Community Foundation recently met at the new Straub Brewery Visitors Center to announce the 2019 Straub Brewery Scholarship winners.  Employees from Straub Brewery came out to congratulate the winners from Elk County Catholic, Alex Breindel and Hunter Cashimer; and St. Marys Area High Schools, Isabella Ehrensberger and Ann Tyger. This year These students were selected and awarded $1000 each in the form of a scholarship from the Straub Brewery Fund administered by the Elk County Community Foundation. Employees are on either side of the scholarship winners from left to right: Back: AJ Alexander, Hunter Cashmer, Ann Tyger, Front: Jessy Hoffman, Cathy Lenze, Isabella Ehrensberger, Roseann Crissman, Alex Breindel, Bill Brock, and Foundation Scholarship Manager Kris Kronenwetter.

Straub Brewery has supported local students with this scholarship for fourteen years. These scholarships recognize high school seniors who have displayed outstanding qualities in academic achievement, leadership, and community service.

Over $190,000 was distributed this year to over 178 students through the scholarships that are administered by the Elk County Community Foundation in 7 counties.

The Elk County Community Foundation Board extends their gratitude to Straub Brewery who has seen a need and believes in the youth of today.   Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship can contact the Foundation at 814-834-2125 or get more information from the website,