Women Who Care Donor Advisor Winners!

The Women Who Care Steering Committee again had a Donor Advisor for a Day “membership drive” for the 2013-14 membership year. “This year we had an additional $400 in granting money available,” said Paula Fritz Eddy, member of the committee. Women Who Care(WWC), a local group which is a project of the Elk County Community Foundation, is dedicated to addressing the needs of women and families throughout Elk County . The Steering Committee of WWC, offered an incentive for new and renewing members who paid their dues by December 16th. Those who did were entered into a drawing to be a “Donor Advisor for a Day”. The Winners was able to give their favorite (501 c 3) charity a special donation.

The renewing member who was chosen to be a Donor Advisor was Becky Kreckel. Becky decided to gift her dollars to the Lions Club of St. Marys who will buy site cases.

The Guardian Angels Center was the grateful recipient of a donation from Margaret Miller, a new member of WWC. Peggy made the donation of $200 to help the well deserving and hardworking organization.

The Women Who Care is a project of the Elk County Community Foundation and is still accepting members for 2014. Membership year runs from Oct 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014 with membership dues due by June 1, 2014. Membership commitments are appreciated and welcomed at this time.

Pictured Left to right:

From the Guardian Angel Center, Jane Heverley and Marion Johnson. New member Margaret Miller, Renewing member Becky Kreckel and Vince Leta from the Lions Club of St. Marys.