Joseph A. Williams Medical Scholarship

Recently, the Joseph A. Williams Medical Scholarship was awarded to Kylie Auman of St. Marys for $1037 by the Elk County Community Foundation. Kylie is the daughter Thomas and Deborah Auman of St. Marys. Kylie graduated from St Vincent College with a degree in Biology and currently attend Salus University for optometry.

In his estate plans Joseph A. Williams (1876-1979) was interested in the education of local students perusing a medical degree and established this scholarship. Mr. Williams was a very hard and dedicated worker who was employed by the Kaul and Hall lumber company for over 67 years. He later became president of various lumber and clay industries. Mr. Williams was president of Eastern Clay Products, which comprised all clay products industries east of the Mississippi River. As one of the founders of the Industrial Council of St. Marys, Joseph Williams was always interested in civic matters. He held leadership positions with the American Red Cross; United Fund; Andrew Kaul Memorial Hospital and the Historical Society of St. Marys and Benzinger Township.

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