Dickinson Mental Health Center Children’s Prevention Services Establish an Endowment Fund

Everyone should have a “rainy day” fund in case there’s an emergency or to help plan for the future. Jennifer Dippold, Director of Dickinson Mental Health Center Children’s Prevention Services completes the required paperwork with Paula Fritz Eddy, Executive Director of The Elk County Community Foundation to establish an endowment fund earmarked for Dickinson Mental Health Center Children’s Prevention Services with The Elk County Community Foundation.

DMHC Children’s Prevention Services supporters and others now may make contributions directly to the fund, which generates income for the organization to use or reinvest to help the principle grow. The ultimate goal is to provide for their organizations future financial security. Eventually, the hope it that the endowment could generate enough interest to support the ongoing operating expenses for Children’s Prevention Services with Dickinson, and children 20 to 50 years from now will benefit from this endowment fund. DMHC Children’s Prevention Services provide prevention support to families and children in Elk and Cameron Counties. They offer programs that are available from birth until a child graduates from high school through both community and school-based services. Children’s Prevention Services currently provides the LIFE Program, Student Assistance Program, Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program, Parents as Teachers, Staying Connected with your Teen, Incredible Years and have the Parents as Teachers Children’s Center on Erie Avenue. All these programs are free to those who participate and are available to the general public. Jen Dippold states “ a family does not have to have a diagnosis to utilize these services, and we hope that any and all families will take advantage of these services. We like to think that most of our services offer an extra learning opportunity for parents and the children who participate with our programs. Children’s Prevention Services do not treat nor diagnose like other traditional services with Dickinson Mental Health Center.” Jen also states, “Dickinson Mental Health Center is celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2008 ,and Children’s Prevention Services like other services with DMHC reflects Dickinson’s dedication and commitment to supporting the children and families in our community.