Dennis and Deborah Bonanno donor Advised Fund Awards Grants.

The Jay Township Volunteer Fire Department and the Bennett’s Valley Senior Citizens recently received a grant for the Dennis and Deborah Bonanno Donor Advised Fund held at the Elk County Community Foundation. Both organizations met with Paula Fritz Eddy, Executive Director of the Foundation to explain how their organization will use the funds.

The Jay Township Volunteer Fire Department is in the process of building an addition to their current facility. The Department first expanded in 1992, and then was redone after Hurricane Frances flooded the Department in September of 2004. President Richard Gavazzi informed us that the addition will be 2,550 sq. feet. Because of the new addition the Department’s emergency response time will decrease and will also become more efficient. Currently, for two emergency response vehicles to leave the garage, three other vechiles have to first be moved. With the new area, which will be a 2-bay garage, this will no longer be necessary. Also included in the addition will be an office and storage area. Room to clean the firefighter’s protective clothing is also planned. According to Gavazzi, the Department estimated finishing date is July 2010. Elk County Community Foundation granted the Jay Township Volunteer Fire Department $500 for the completion of the building project. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $165,000; they are still raising additional funds to help with the cost.

“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way”, what was first said by Former President Abraham Lincoln is now the mantra for the Bennett’s Valley Senior Citizen’s Center. This is exactly what they have done. The Senior Citizens of Bennett’s Valley decided that they needed a better facility for their center. That dream is coming true. The project was started in March of 2007. Due to the age of the current facility, which is located in a 107 year old church, it was determined that a new facility was needed. The new location of the Bennett’s Valley Senior Citizen’s Center will be 149 Plum Street, located next to St. Joe’s Terrace. President Dolores Youngmark stated that the new facility will be roughly 3000 sq. feet, have a commercial kitchen, storage areas, washer/dryer units, and a multipurpose room which can be used for exercise, get-togethers, etc, and a reception area that will carry a capacity of approximately 99 people. Thus far, the Center has accumulated $500,000 for the building project and interior. Contributing to this is a $500 grant from the Elk County Community Foundation. “We are fortunate, in Elk County, to have these people”, stated Youngmark when referencing the Foundation. Also aiding in the project is the USDA and the Agency on Aging. Ground break is still to be announced, however the Center is hoping for sometime in October of 2010. They are also still raising additional funds to help with the project.

Both of these grants were made possible through the Elk County Community Foundation from the Dennis and Deborah Bonanno Donor Advised Fund. Anyone interested in creating their own Donor Advised Fund should contact Paula Fritz Eddy at 814-834-2125 at the Foundation office.