2014 Ridgway Charitable Fund Grants

Ridgway Charitable Fund held at the Elk County Community Foundation

Grants $18,750 local agencies

The Elk County Community Foundation (ECCF) brought together non profit organizations that serve the residents of Ridgway, who where chosen to receive a grant from the Ridgway Borough Charitable Fund (RBCF). The Ridgway Borough Charitable Fund’s purpose is to provide financial support to those non-profit organizations whose application reflects a purpose or project that will benefit the residents of the Borough of Ridgway. The endowed fund was a gift received from the estate of Sara-Jane Stackpole and is held at the ECCF. As directed by Sara-Jane, the ECCF board of directors appointed an advisory committee made up of Ridgway community leaders and resident to review and distribute those grants that will enhance the quality of the life for all residents. This year’s Advisory Committee included Joe Bullers, Linda White, Mike Renaud, Derrick Goode, and Mary Jane Oknefski.

This year’s recipients are:

CAPSEA, Inc. requested and received $4850 to aid in their Flood Disaster Relief to replace and repair their storage, the items, storage and sump pump in their basement.

As well the Retired citizens Association of Ridgway had flood damage to their Center and they received $3900 towards their repairs.

Finally a $10,000 grant is going to the Ridgway YMCA who is working with Max Dush on his Eagle Scout aware. The project will restore the Frank Clark Memorial Basketball courts. The course was build years ago and is in much need of restoration. The project, when completed, hopes to resurface and paint existing courts, replace old bac boards and hoops, repair existing fences and add landscaping and privacy fencing.

Funds distributed were awarded for these community development initiatives that will enhance the well being of the Ridgway community. This year applications requests totaled over $38,175. The Ridgway Charitable Fund only had $18,750 to distribute this year. Donations are encouraged to grow the fund and to increase the amount of granting dollars available. Individuals, along with groups and business can make a tax deductible contribution by sending it to the Ridgway Borough Charitable Fund, c/o Elk County Community Foundation at P.O. Box 934, St. Marys, PA 15857

ECCF is a non profit organization that manages endowed funds established by donors for area non profit organizations or student scholarships. Donor gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. For more information about opportunities at the Foundation please contact Paula Fritz Eddy at 814-834-2125 or visit our website at www.elkcountyfoundation.com.

Pictured left to right are: Linda White from RBCF with Rose Guth of the Retired Citizens Association of Ridgway; Mary Lynne Bellotti of the YMCA and Boy Scout, Max Dush, Derrick Good from RBCF; and finally Joe Bullers of the RBCF and Paula Fritz Eddy of ECCF with Billie Jo Wyant of CAPSEA.