2013 Scholarships

Scholarships Awarded


The Elk County Community Foundation awarded a total of 97 scholarships to local students this year totaling over $117,000 in scholarship funds. Graduating seniors from area high schools were the recipients. Sixteen scholarships went Elk County Catholic, thirty to St. Marys Area, fourteen to Johnsonburg Area, twenty-one to Ridgway Area, one to Cameron County Area High School, and five went to Kane Area High School. Another six scholarships were given to students at DuBois and Brockway Area High Schools. Finally, four additional scholarships were awarded to students who were already in attendance at a post-secondary institution.


The dollars given to these students will impact generations to come, as these young adults begin to shape our communities.  Donors who have established these scholarships are contributing to our future leaders.  The Elk County Community Foundation Board extends their gratitude to those who have seen the need and believe in the youth of today.   Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship can contact the Foundation at 814-834-2125.


Scholarships Awarded This Year


St. Marys Area High School

Nicholas Sinibaldi Memorial Music Scholarship

  • Brianna Pontzer

Mary Filano Memorial Scholarship

  • Lorie Baxter

Angie Bertolasio Memorial Scholarship

  • Samuel Atwell

Dean Schrecengost Memorial Scholarship

  • Marissa Smith

Lori De’Angelo Memorial Scholarship

  • Robert Rhoades

Helene Bowley Memorial Scholarship

  • Melissa Bauer
  • Taylor Bellina
  • Rachel Ehrensberger
  • Alicia Gerg
  • Alec Foster
  • Rachel Ginther
  • Mitchell Ovell
  • Matthew Quesenberry
  • Robert Rhoades
  • Amanda Simbeck

Howard M. Keebler Memorial Scholarship

  • Miranda Dent

Martha C. Selle Memorial Scholarship

  • Cheyanne Bailey

Pearl Llewellyn Memorial Nursing Scholarship

  • Miranda Dent

Straub Brewery, Inc. Scholarship

  • Samuel Atwell
  • Alex Schreiber

Christopher Forster Memorial Scholarship

  • Matthew Wickett

Bev Hogan Memorial Nursing Scholarship

  • Samantha Garner

Sara K. Folino Memorial Art Scholarship

  • Amber Gerarge

SGL Carbon USA LLC Scholarship

  • Robert Rhoades
  • Alex Schreiber

Taylor Schutz Lady Dutch Basketball Scholarship

  • Rebecca Krieg

Perry G. Klein Memorial Scholarship

  • Alex Schreiber

Elk County Farm Bureau Scholarship

  • Rachel Krieg

St. Marys Jaycees

  • Matthew Wickett

Golumbic Art Scholarship

  • Lorie Baxter

Elk County Catholic High School

Ridgway Rotary Club Scholarship

  • Kayla Weis

Dr. John E. Scholder Fine Arts Scholarship

  • Sophie Herzing

Dick Fava Memorial Scholarship

  • Kelsey Karpinski

Helene Bowley Memorial Scholarship

  • Morgan Onink
  • Laura Buchheit
  • Michelle Imbrogno
  • Cassandra Riddle

Johnsonburg Rotary Alva K. Gregory Memorial Scholarship

  • Taylor DaCanal

Howard M. Keebler Memorial Scholarship

  • Jessica Ginther

Straub Brewery, Inc. Scholarship

  • Kristy Hanes
  • Stephanie Zimmerman

SGL Carbon LLC Scholarship

  • Maura Keyes
  • Taylor DaCanal

St. Benedict Scholarship

  • Linnea Stager

Graf Tech USA LLC Scholarship

  • Scott Reichard

Christian Cordero Memorial Scholarship

  • Daniel Stauffer

Johnsonburg Area High School

Alva K. Gregory Memorial Scholarship

  • Josie DelRio

Caribardi Family Scholarship

  • Samantha Bevacqua

Helene Bowley Memorial Scholarship

  • Emilee DeMay
  • Lisa Feronti
  • Quinn Luhr
  • Emily Michael
  • Josie DelRio


Johnsonburg Alumni and Friends Scholarship

  • Rhianon Fowler
  • Caleb Hefright
  • Lisa Feronti

Perry G. Klein Memorial Scholarship

  • Dylan Dilulio

Dr. Sandra Calkins Kowalski Nursing Scholarship

  • Brittany Watts

Johnsonburg American Legion Scholarship

  • Rhianon Fowler

Thomas Detwiler Scholarship

  • David Redmond

Ridgway Area High School

Hasselman/Hopton Memorial Scholarship

  • Logan Feronti

Helene Bowley Memorial Scholarship

  • Madison Yankovich
  • Christine Schauer
  • Katie Okneski
  • Logan Feronti
  • Robert Byrd
  • Emily Larnder
  • Ellie Woodford
  • Luke Bobby
  • Emily Pierce

Jacqueline M. Renaud National Honor Society Memorial Scholarship

  • Joseph Jacques

Frank Clark Memorial Scholarship

  • Anthony Leithner

Judge Vernon “Buddy” Roof Scholarship

  • Joseph Jacques

Herbert B. Lenze Boys Basketball Scholarship

  • Joseph Jacques

Herbert B. Lenze Marching Band Scholarship

  • Marianne Aboussov

Josh Launer Memorial Scholarship

  • Tracey Ecklund

Grandinetti Educational Scholarship

  • Daniel Connelly

Jones Family Scholarship

  • Shawn Colson
  • Morgan Eckenroth

RAHS Alumni Scholarship

  • Abigail Lampman

Ridgway Elker Pride and Spirit Scholarship

  • Alex Parson

Kane Area High School

Sashy and Gladys Kane Perpetual Scholarship

  • Jordan Huntzinger

Jeff and Shelli Johnson Memorial Scholarship

  • Jeannine Smith

Diana J. Hulings Memorial Scholarship

  • Kyla Hoag

Donna M. Hulings Memorial Scholarship

  • Nichole Sluga

Gary Meckley Scholarship

  • Dawn Saquin

DuBois Area High School

Robert P. Martini Memorial Scholarship

  • Rachel Smith
  • Samantha Kirk
  • David Stormer

Ruth E. Reed Memorial Nursing Scholarship

  • Kaitlin Rucinski

Brockway Area High School

Robert P. Martini Memorial Scholarship

  • Kent Sabatose
  • Zachary Puhala


Cameron County Area High School


Gloria V. Anderson Scholarship

  • Katrina Neyman

Post Graduation Scholarships

Joseph A. Williams Memorial Medical Scholarship

  • Eric Mastrogincomo
  • David Rupprecht

Michele A. Campbell Memorial Nursing Scholarship

  • Leah Tamburlin

Greiner/Roof Memorial Law Scholarship

  • Amy Hoh